Future Of Work

Diversifying, Personalising & Adapting

Change is the only constant, be it in your personal or professional life. In this new-age world where the landscape is ever changing and evolving there has been a visible shift towards renewed growth. We today charter a zig zag path when it comes to achieving success and straight lines are blurred. Markets are always fluctuating and competitors are constantly on the look out to identify short falls in order to create opportunities. A new technology is born every day and innovation is the need of the hour. In this digital era, constantly re-inventing is important to prevent oneself from becoming obsolete.

The Human Resources Function along with the entire organisation is facing a dynamic and complex environment but the capability to deal or handle these changes successfully depends on one factor alone – WORKFORCE. The Human Resource, though a very complex resource that is available plays a pivotal role in each and every organization and it is imperative to have a workforce that is happy, secure and satisfied to increase efficiency and loyalty. This often calls for the HR function in an organization to be more strategic, effective as well as adaptable as the workforce today is setting in motion fundamental changes like remote working, temp staffing, freelance roles, future-proofing strategies, etc. There is a growing need for specialised skills in the workforce. The onset of the use of new strategies like mobile and social media are enabling greater collaborations and enhanced visibility, it is fairly safe to say that an organisation’s employees comprises several generations of workers and all differ in their way of thinking and working, the HR has to ensure that the workplace contains an adaptable and flexible working environment to accommodate different needs and preferences. In all this turmoil of change, one thing is crystal clear – The HR is facing new challenges and it is the need of the hour to re-think strategies and adapt to change and with this in purview, Sapphire Connect is honoured to announce The First Edition of the Virtual Rethink HR Annual Conclave 2021 which will focus on the challenges and the solutions in the HR function. This one-day summit will witness HR leaders from across industries come together to think, deliberate and strategize.

What to look forward to

  • The Proceedings of the discussion during the summit will be then presented through a whitepaperpost the event
  • Networking meetings with the key industry leaders from the sector
  • Launch of an exclusive Coffee Table Book comprising of top 50 HR professionals of India followed by a Felicitation Ceremony